Visual Novel GUI Pricing
*For games without accessibility options, I charge a 10-20% increase. This is to promote accessibility in the projects I work on*
These rates are for asset creation/design, I do not do UI implementation. All rates vary based on UI complexity, the average costs are:
Save/Load: $20-30USD
Game Options: $30-$40USD
Title Screen: $40-60USD
CG Gallery: $40-$60USD
Dialogue Boxes and Options: $30-$50USD
Other Screens: Depends on complexity
Average UI Set cost: $150-$240USD
Base Background: $80-$100USD (Varies on complexity)
Variations (Day, night etc): $15-$30USD
Logo Pricing
Standalone Image logos: $30-$50 depending on complexity
Standalone Text Logos: $30-$40 depending on complexity
Image and Text Logos: $40-$60 depending on complexity
All logos are exported at several sizes, vectored when possible, and with source files as requested.
Marketing Assets Pricing
Reusing existing assets:
Banners, header, title images (Example):  30$ total
Using new assets:
Banners, header, title images Example and Example and Example $40-$100 USD depending on complexity/necessity
Varies based off of complexity
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